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2nd Nature Academy is situated on a 39 acre campus in South Nashua, NH/Dunstable, MA and abuts roughly 700 acres of pristine conserved and protected land. 2nd Nature Academy classes regularly utilize this outdoor space for inquiry and exploration, Project Based Learning experiences, Place-based Education opportunities, and environmental science activities, as well as other authentic, hands-on, learning practices. Our modern and healthy, high-performance facilities boast spacious, well-appointed classrooms with large windows that provide ample natural daylight and natural air flow. 


As has always aligned with our philosophy, outdoor time is encouraged whenever possible. With abundant open air classroom spaces, multiple fields, expansive forests, an educational animal barn, school vegetable gardens, freshwater ponds, glacial eskers, rolling hills, and seasonal wetlands and bogs, there is adequate space for all classes to participate in meaningful outdoor educational experiences throughout the day.

Current COVID-19 health considerations include:​​

  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting using EPA-approved cleaners and sanitizers

  • Frequent hand-washing for all ages

  • Frequent use of outdoor spaces, including outdoor classrooms

  • Classroom windows open whenever possible

  • Heat recovery ventilation system in all buildings

  • Strict adherence to sick policies

While COVID-19 vaccination is not required to enroll in our programs, we do require children to receive the immunizations required by New Hampshire state law and regulation for attendance at public schools.

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