Lower Elementary/Grade 1 Long-Term Substitute

Interim/Long-Term Sub with potential for Full Time

About the job

We are seeking an interim first grade teacher who sees themselves as an engaged facilitator of student-driven inquiry through the end of the 2022 school year (6/15/22). This position has the potential for full time status in the 2022-2023 school year. 

2nd Nature Academy strives to provide an innovative learning journey by:

  • Developing the classroom as a collaborative, problem-solving community

  • Collaborating with colleagues to develop lessons and challenges that are transdisciplinary

  • Setting and maintaining criteria for quality work

  • Promoting student engagement through Project Based Learning and Place Based Education

  • Planning and structuring student exhibitions of learning

  • Increasing student comprehension, motivation, and investment in their own learning

  • Improving students' growth mindset, habits, and skills that will prepare them for success in future learning, in career, and in life itself

  • Engaging students to become more invested in their own learning

  • Providing outdoor education on an idyllic campus that boasts farm, fields, and forest


  • Bachelor's Degree in Elementary or Early Childhood Education

  • Teaching certification preferred

  • Available from 4/18/22-6/15/22


Our competitive benefits package includes options in:

  • health insurance,

  • dental insurance, 

  • 401(k), 

  • child tuition discount,

  • employee tuition assistance,

  • and more!

If you are looking for an opportunity to work in an innovative and engaging educational environment characterized by small class sizes, and an ongoing dialogue with your students as they develop academic and 21st Century skills, this is the position for you.