Book of Chords


Music education at 2nd Nature Academy promotes individualism, empathy, creativity, critical thinking, confidence, communication, social skills, and artistic expression. Our music program focuses on inventing new and exciting modes of musical self-expression and identity exploration. As a community, we learn about a multitude of instruments—some big, some small, some well-known and some lesser known—including hand percussion, drums, piano, guitar and ukulele!

Music is a very powerful thing. It brings people together. It educates. And it is a catalyst for growth. Music, like all art, is essential to any education.

In addition to your more traditional musical instruments, get ready for exotic musical instrument exploration and music listening parties, age-based music theory, and music history lessons, arts and crafts based acoustic and timbre projects, acoustic field trips (that will bring students outside and show them that music is everywhere!), all-school sing-a-longs, and rock and jazz bands. Throughout the year, students will develop and hone the following skills: critical listening, critical thinking, problem-solving, basic math, acoustic-physics, music history and music theory, sight singing, sight reading, self-confidence, social confidence, artistic independence, and so much more! 

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