Tuition Assistance Application

All applicants must begin by submitting a tuition assistance application through School and Student Services.

2nd Nature Academy School Code: 9209


Current Students​: March 31

New Students: June 30

  • Complete Parents' Financial Statement

  • Upload to SSS:

    • complete, current federal tax return with all schedules​

    • most up-to-date W-2 forms

    • signed and dated IRS Form 4506 t-ez from current and previous year

Current Students​: April 15 New Students: July 15

  • Upload to SSS:

    • current Federal Income Tax Return with W-2 forms and all attached schedules​

    • Backup financial documents​​

Current Students​: May 15

New Students: August 15

  • Financial aid decisions are mailed to families

Tuition Assistance

Nature's Pathways Early Childhood Education

There is currently no tuition assistance program available to our early childhood program.

2nd Nature Academy (Grades K-12)

It  is  the  belief  of  2nd Nature Academy to  help  families  make  an  independent  school  education possible for their children. We also understand that not every family can afford the cost of an independent school  education.  Through  our  policies  and  practices,  our  goal  is  to  try  to  enroll  talented  and  motivated  students  regardless of their family’s ability to afford a 2nd Nature Academy education. An education from 2nd Nature Academy is an investment in a child’s future. As such, it is our expectation that each family will contribute to the extent they are able, and, if qualified, with the help of a financial aid grant from available funds, make 2nd Nature Academy a part of their child’s future.


2nd Nature Academy uses a nationally standardized system for financial aid offered by School and Student Service for Financial  Aid  (SSS).  Each  family  completes  a  Parents’  Financial  Statement  (PFS)  and  submits  it  online to  SSS. There is a nonrefundable fee to apply for financial aid, as posted on the SSS website. Upon your request, the PFS is sent to 2nd Nature Academy. Financial documents required for submission to SSS will be handled with the utmost level of privacy. The  financial  aid  committee  determines  financial  aid  grants  for  admitted  students  based  on  a  family’s  demonstrated  financial need.

Terms & Conditions

Need-based tuition assistance may be provided to aid families in need to offset the cost of 2nd Nature Academy tuition and fees. Financial assistance is contingent on the availability of funds and must be renewed each academic year.


Award of tuition assistance is dependent upon:

  • the family’s continuing financial need,

  • the student’s satisfactory academic progress,

  • the student maintaining satisfactory behavior,

  • and parental cooperation and support.

The 2nd Nature Academy admissions application process is separate from and distinct to the SSS tuition assistance application process. Admission to 2nd Nature Academy does not guarantee tuition assistance will be granted, nor does a SSS tuition assistance determination not guarantee admissions to 2nd Nature Academy.


Likewise, applying for financial aid is no guarantee that the full amount for which a family qualifies will be granted. A  family  with  an  “estimated  family  contribution”  (assessed  by  SSS)  less  than  the  tuition  charges  for  the  year  may  be  eligible to receive a financial aid grant.