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Visual arts education at 2nd Nature Academy encourages self-expression, inspires creativity, builds confidence, and helps develops a sense of individual identity in each student. By incorporating inspirational art stimuli, students are engaged by and exposed to the design, color, form, rhythm, texture, and pattern in the world around them. Through learning the essential skills to be successful in this new age, students are provided developmentally-appropriate instruction on art techniques, materials, and history. Exposure and experience with arts allows students to create, design, generate, and compose new ideas, further developing the creative thinking inherent in developing minds, which is at the core of a 2nd Nature Academy education. Moreover, creating meaning through art can help children develop vocabulary, complex thinking, and keen observation, as well as hone innovative problem-solving skills.

At 2nd Nature Academy, we believe in art’s power to provide students with an alternative language with which to communicate, create meaning, and express themselves in a safe space where open minds are free to wander.

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