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History Teacher (Middle/High School)

Full- or Part-Time

About the job

If you are looking for an opportunity to work in an exciting, innovative, and engaging learning environment characterized by small class sizes, a collaborative atmosphere, and an ongoing dialogue with your students as they develop academic and 21st Century skills, please submit a resume and cover letter describing your qualifications, teaching philosophy, and interest in the position.

Candidates with experience or training in multiple age groups and grade levels are preferred.

We are seeking educators who see themselves as mentors, and who are dedicated to student personal growth and wish to serve as an engaged facilitator of student-driven inquiry.  SNA strives to innovate the learning journey by:

  • Developing the classroom as a collaborative, problem-solving community

  • Collaborating with colleagues to develop lessons and challenges that are transdisciplinary

  • Setting and maintaining high academic expectations

  • Designing learning experiences and challenges that are connected to the subject and have real-world application

  • Using engaging performance-based assessment tools

  • Planning and structuring student exhibitions of learning

  • Guiding student reflection and debriefing processes

  • Increasing student comprehension, motivation, and investment in their own learning

  • Improving student mindset, habits, and skills that will prepare them for success in future learning, in career, and in life itself

  • Engaging students to become more invested in their own learning

Playing in a Tunnel

The ideal candidate

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Teaching experience at the middle and high school level

  • Experience in non-traditional classroom environments

  • Experience with project-based, problem-based, and inquiry-based learning

  • Facility and comfort with incorporating technology and hands-on learning experiences

  • Willingness to experiment and try new methods and approaches

  • Ability to work collaboratively within the teaching community

  • Ability to develop fun, engaging, and innovative challenges

  • Willingness to promote understanding and communication in a diverse learning environment

  • Willingness to accept feedback and desire to learn and grow



Our competitive benefits package includes options in:

  • health insurance,

  • dental insurance, 

  • 401(k), 

  • child tuition discount,

  • employee tuition assistance,

  • and more!

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