Faculty & Staff

At 2nd Nature Academy, we pride ourselves on having a dynamic staff of educators that excel at engaging students, building trusting relationships, and modeling respect and compassion. They are comfortable instructing in the classroom, the outdoors, and beyond! Our educational staff are highly credentialed in their respective focuses. We invite you to get to know a little more about our educator family.

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Deborah Gleeson

Head of School

Middle/High School Mathematics & Sciences

Meghan Ayer

Deputy Head of School

High School History & Humanities

Kaitlin Quinn-Stearns

Lower Elementary Teacher

Elizabeth Swett
Bernadette Chiccino
Karla Vasquez

Kindergarten Teacher

Elizabeth Swett

Upper Elementary Teacher

Middle School English/ Language Arts Teacher

Bernadette Chiccino
Alison Pearson

Middle School

Benjamin Haynie

High School Chemistry

Spanish Language

Maria Oca Jordan

Mandarin (Chinese) Language

Yue Long
(Serena Chen)

Mandarin (Chinese) Language

Middle/High School Mathematics

Xiangli "Nini" Wu

Lower Elementary Assistant

Ryan Slate

Art Specialist

Sarah Thompson