Kaitlin Quinn-Stearns

Deputy Head of School

History & Humanities (High School)

Kaitlin Quinn-Stearns grew up in New Hampshire and began teaching in 2007 in Massachusetts. Throughout her career, Kaitlin has focused on best teaching practices, relevant curriculum development, and igniting a passion for learning in her students. She has made it her goal to create student centered classrooms that focus on student interest, inquiry, research, literacy and critical thinking. When not in the classroom or focusing on her administrative roles at 2nd Nature Academy, Kaitlin spends her time with her husband and three young children, teaching yoga classes, working out, or curling up with a good book.

  • Pursuing Post-Graduate Certificate in School Management and Leadership from Harvard University

  • Master of Arts in Teaching History (focus on Curriculum Design and Instruction) from Rivier University

  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies Education, 5-12 from Rivier University

Work Experience


  • Promoted to Deputy Head of School at 2nd Nature Academy Elementary, Middle, & High School


  • Director of Curriculum Design at Nature’s Pathways at 2nd Nature Academy and 2nd Nature Academy Elementary, Middle, & High School

  • Middle and High School Humanities teacher at 2nd Nature Academy Elementary, Middle, & High School


  • History teacher (grades 9-12) and Teacher Leader at Murdock High School (Winchendon, MA)


  • History teacher (grades 9-12) at North Middlesex Regional High School (Townsend, MA)


  • History teacher (grades 9-12) at Lunenburg High School (Lunenburg, MA)

Kaitlin Quinn-Stearns