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Rooted in inquiry and problem based learning, our kindergarten program is also skills based, integrated and multi-sensory. Emphasis is placed on social-emotional wellness and the development of strong interpersonal skills. Kindergarten at 2nd Nature Academy is a skills based program that relies heavily on the importance of play to teach interpersonal skills and conflict resolution. This program is designed to prepare students for first grade by providing important pre reading and pre writing skills throughout the school year. Many students will begin reading and writing by the end of kindergarten but it is not a requirement to advance to first grade. The kindergarten program at 2nd Nature Academy is designed to fill the tool box for each child with necessary skills for when they are developmentally ready to begin reading and writing. 

Students must be 5 by September 30th to be eligible for 2nd Nature Academy kindergarten. For students who do not meet the minimum age requirement or could use an extra year for social-emotional or academic readiness, we recommend our interim-kindergarten program.

Elementary (1-5)

Similar to all programs, our elementary program (grades 1-5) is deeply rooted in inquiry and problem-based learning. It is skills based, integrated and multi-sensory. The curriculum focuses on social-emotional wellness, interpersonal skills, and conflict resolution. In addition, there is strong emphasis placed on cooperative learning, community outreach, and environmental awareness and responsibility. As with every grade level, critical thinking skills that are age and developmentally appropriate are developed within the classroom. The elementary program is designed to serve as the framework for specific content taught, which may also be influenced by student and teacher interest, school wide activities and current events.
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