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  • Tuition: Grades K-12 | 2nd Nature Academy

    EARLY CHILDHOOD ACADEMY (K-12) TUITION ASSISTANCE Family (2+ children) $265 Single child $150 Registration Fees Tuition Academy Annual Rates Grade Level(s) School Day (Annual) Full Time (Annual) Material Fee High School (9-12) $17,500 N/A $550 Middle School (5-8) $13,500 $18,000 $455 Elementary (1-4) $12,700 $17,750 $360 Kindergarten $12,700 $17,750 $240 Tuition Installments The school year’s tuition payments are divided into ten equal installments. Tuitions are based on an annual tuition payable in ten equal installments NOT according to the number of days in each month. Tuition covers the cost of school days in session and does not cover vacation days, snow days, before and after school care, or holidays. A school year is based on number of instructional hours rather than number of days in session. You can sign up for some optional programs which are provided by 2nd Nature Academy, LLC for an additional cost. The following is a schedule for tuition installments throughout the year: ​ A non-refundable registration fee is due at the time of enrollment. A non-refundable 10% of total annual tuition installment payment which will be considered the final (10th) tuition installment is due at the time of enrollment. A non-refundable yearly materials fee for all students is due at the time of registration. The remaining nine (9) equal tuition installments are due as follows: August 15th September 15th October 15th November 15th December 15th January 15th February 15th March 15th April 15th ​ Kindergarten-Grade 8 Options School tuition only includes hours/days in class. (Before and after school care and vacation week programs are available at an additional cost, as available.) Full time tuition includes the following, during the school year: hours/days in class,​ extended day care (before/after school and early release days), snow day care (when child care remains open), vacation week care (December, February, April), and nutritious lunches prepared on-site daily by an experienced chef.

  • Pre-Elementary: Nature's Pathways | 2nd Nature Academy

    EARLY CHILDHOOD HOME INFANTS & TODDLERS NATURE'S PATHWAYS at 2 NATURE ACADEMY ND PRE-ELEMENTARY PROGRAMS AGE GROUPS & CLASS MOVEMENT ​ We believe there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to child growth and development. As such, our early childhood classrooms enroll a range of ages. This allows us to move children based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to: birth date, social and emotional skills, gross motor and fine motor development, ease of transitions, and communication skills. ​ Our pre-elementary programs are typically separated into three different age groups: AGE GROUPS & CLASS MOVEMENT Preschool – Children who turn three by September 30 Prekindergarten – Children who turn four by September 30 Interim-kindergarten - Children who turn five by January 1 and meet social and emotional development requirements THE UNIQUENESS OF EACH LEARNER ​ At Nature's Pathways, we recognize children as individuals with unique personalities and learning styles. Children grow and learn through the process of exploration and discovery. Each child learns at a different pace and acquires knowledge in a different manner. Children actively form relationships in various ways and obtain understanding through different approaches. In order for all children to successfully attain cognitive, physical, social and emotional development, our degreed teachers provide enriching materials, a safe nurturing environment, clearly set boundaries and expectations, and plenty of opportunity for exploration. THE UNIQUENESS OF EACH LEARNER KINDERGARTEN All children must be toilet trained to be eligible for any of our pre-elementary programs. LIFELONG LEARNING: BEYOND KINDERGARTEN READINESS ​ The pre-elementary program seeks to set children up for future social, emotional, and academic success rather than implement specific academic curriculum before the children are developmentally ready. As children progress through the pre-elementary program, they will be introduced to a variety of academic concepts and skills that will help prepare them for kindergarten and beyond. Our pre-elementary program seeks to expose children to a variety of subjects, disciplines, and skills in an age-appropriate way. The program features (based on age and development): LIFELONG LEARNING: BEYOND KINDERGARTEN READINESS ​ Art instruction to introduce different media and visual arts techniques Literacy skills rooted in the Orton-Gillingham method of instruction Inquiry-based, hands-on science and math Music and movement activities Multi-sensory fine motor and pre-writing activities that encourage proper handwriting techniques Outdoor play in playground and surrounding fields and forest Hikes and nature exploration Visits to barn animals Social-emotional skills development to encourage future problem solving, collaboration, and leadership Nurturing care to encourage confidence and self-advocacy A LEARNING ENVIRONMENT BUILT FOR CHILDREN ​ In our pre-elementary programs, we value cooperation, interaction, and willingness to accept challenges. We focus on individual strengths and value the uniqueness of each learner. While there are many curricular goals we set out to achieve, the process we use to accomplish these objectives varies from child to child. Our goal is to remain developmentally appropriate, and allow children to learn and explore in a way that is play-based and supportive. By providing diversified materials and numerous opportunities for observation, exploration, and inquiry, nearly all children will become true learners and problem solvers. A LEARNING ENVIRONMENT BUILT FOR CHILDREN Emergent Curriculum is all about following student interest and inquiry. Activities, projects, and the overall learning environment are planned based on the specific group of children. Learn more >> WHAT IS EMERGENT CURRICULUM?

  • Elementary, Middle, & High School (Nashua, NH) | 2nd Nature Academy


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